Michael Byrne, a.k.a. General Vogel from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, looks kinda like Eisenhower.  Yup, we defeated the Nazis with a guy who, based on his appearance and surname, easily could have passed as one of them.

Bushroot from Darkwing Duck looks kinda like Tim Robbins as Andy Defresne from The Shawshank Redemption.

Michael Bay looks kinda like Henry Winkler.

Drumming legend Buddy Rich looks kinda like a chimpanzee.

Paul Rae looks kinda like John Goodman.  In fact, I thought that he was John Goodman in heavy makeup when I first saw him in the Cohen brothers’ True Grit.

NBA commissioner David Stern looks kinda like Frog and Toad.  

This just in: Brian Williams looks kinda like Peter Jennings.  Their eyes are way different, and their noses don’t really match up either.  And Williams’ lower jaw juts out, while Jennings’s does not.  But something connects big time.  I think it’s the head shape and haircut.

Ron Howard looks kinda like a strike anywhere match.

Hagrid looks kinda like Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock.  Earthy.

Andy Richter looks kinda like Frank Conniff, a.k.a. T.V.’s Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Or, as Jill put it, “T.V.’s Frank is a poor man’s Andy Richter.”